We work hands-on with ambitious PropTech startups and our corporate partners to accelerate commercial growth and performance


Today, the construction & real estate industry is facing various challenges and opportunities such as the arrival of new players, the limited availability of attractive assets, the changes in customer and user expectations, the development of new services & materials, the growing awareness of the environment and sustainable development, the increasing weight of technology & digitalization, the lack of qualified manpower, the rise of construction costs…

Rise PropTech Fund aims to support the transformation of the European PropTech sector, by enriching the existing eco-system, attracting promising young companies, encouraging the different actors within the sector to collaborate and exploit potential synergies. We invest in startups having the ambition and the potential to change, in a near future, the construction & real estate industry in Europe.

Rise PropTech Fund is a hands-on venture capital fund dedicated to Late-Seed and Series A startups active in the PropTech sector.


A 360° support

Value proposition

More than a strong financial partner, we provide portfolio companies with genuine business opportunities and hands-on support via our network of qualified and trusted partners in the industry.

Our sectorial expertise

We are specialized and focused only on the PropTech sector. This goes hand-in-hand with a better understanding of key challenges to provide the entrepreneurs with the right advice.

Our partners eco-system

We have an exclusive network of construction & real estate professionals and limited partners enabling us to test solutions and to give direct access to decision-makers.

Our investors base

We are an independent hybrid fund backed by a large base of complementary private and institutional groups, all active in the industry.

Our unique approach

We combine our financial strength and our 360° approach to accelerate the growth of companies in our portfolio.

Building a better world

ESG approach

At Rise PropTech Fund, we believe in sustainability, therefore we put ESG criteria at the core of our approach. We are convinced that companies addressing these issues can achieve better long-term performance and provide a brighter future for all. We have a strong interest for startups embedding ESG criteria at the heart of their solution.

“Sustainability is not an additional feature, it is a necessary component.”

Gaëtan BaudeletPartner, Rise PropTech Fund